About Coppertech Industries Limited

Coppertech Industries Ltd. (CIL) is located in Hobiganj, shylet, Bangladesh and the corporate office is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CIL is the largest Copper Pipe, Tube, Bas Bar, Strip, Wire manufacturer in Bangladesh. It is housed in a factory of 1,11,839 square feet equipped to manufacture formed sanitary and value-added engineered products. CIL has been largely successful in its venture due to its downstream partners and successfully anticipating market demand and trends. The value addition made to Copper products by CIL has offered an affordable air condition and refrigeration making material option to the market as it less expensive than previously imported ones. Furthermore, promoting Copper products as a ‘maintenance free’ material has made it the material of choice for many companies throughout Bangladesh. CIL products are popular due to its high quality products, effective management, efficient marketing strategy and strong marketing team and practice of good business ethics among channel partners and customers.