Abbasi Adam Ali

The ever growing need for quality copper products for the emerging local electrical and electronics manufacturing industries was previously dependent on imported materials. So, on 2013, we took the initiative to meet the demand of quality copper products locally and formed Coppertech. Since the beginning of our organization, we have used the best quality raw materials along with most advanced manufacturing technologies to prepare the primmest quality copper products. Through the constant dedication and tireless effort from our skilled workforce and a state of the art quality control laboratory, we have been consistent on maintaining the suprefle quality of products. A strategically developed expert distribution channel has made our products available to the clients throughout the country. This determined pursuit of Coppertech to meet the needs of our valuable clients has lead us to become the market leader in this industry. We are aiming to sustain the leadership and spread our venture even abroad in coming years. Our goal is to preserve and create jobs in Bangladesh. Our aim is to decrease dependency on import while there is the opportunity to have it made in Bangladesh.