Copper Bus Bar

  • Thickness: 3 mm to 12mm.
  • Width: 20 mm to 150 mm
  • Edge: Square Edge
  • Length: Up to 6000mm (21`) (depending on section) with standard overall cutting tolerance of 100mm.
  • Transformer Connectors,
  • Earthing Protection in L.T. and H.T. Electrical Panels,
  • Power Transmission equipment, Control Panels etc.

Brass extrusion rods with wide range of alloys in various shapes and material grades like brass hollow rods, brass hex bars, etc.

Electrical Grade Aluminum Bus Bar

  • Thickness: 5mm – 12 mm
  • Width: 25mm – 150 mm
  • Length: As per the customer’s requirement

We can supply the required standard quality aluminum bus bars used in power distribution cabinets or high-current power equipment. An electrical aluminum bus bar is mainly used for electrical engineering such as high and low-voltage electrical appliances, power distribution equipment, and so on. Compared to other aluminum bus bars electrical grade bus bars have the advantage of lower resistivity and greater flexibility.